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How Does Billing Work?

Billing for your course happens when you initially sign up for your course(s) and then happens automatically every 30 days for a monthly subscription or every 365 days for an annual subscription.

Subscriptions are on an auto-renew basis, charged to your credit card on file, and you can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, the auto-renew billing is turned off, and your access to your course(s) will be turned off the day before your next scheduled billing date. 

If the credit card on file fails for any of your payments, we'll alert you via email and with a notice on the site when you next log in. You'll have time to update your billing details before we suspend access to your course. 

View detailed Terms and Conditions here.

Pricing for Peghead Nation Courses

Your first Peghead Nation Course is just $20 per month (or $200 per year). Once you've signed up for one Course, you can add more Courses to your subscription for just $10 per month (or $100 per year), per Course.

There's no limit to how many Courses you can take with us, so study as many instruments or styles as you'd like. And if you decide you want to take them all, we have an All Access subscription available for $100 per month. There's a lot to learn on Peghead Nation!

Your course subscription is on an auto-renew basis (every 30 days or every year), so once you sign up, you'll have continuous access to your materials as long as your subscription is active.

Choose the course you'd like to take.

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