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What is a Peghead Nation Course?

A Peghead Nation Course is an organized collection of lessons delivered by streaming video, with some of the best players and instructors in roots music. When you subscribe to a Course, you have immediate access to all of the lessons that are currently available in your Course. Those lessons will remain part of the Course’s lesson library, so you’ll be able to access them for as long as you maintain an active subscription. 

Every month, Peghead Nation instructors add streaming video lessons to their Courses, and most lessons include accurate notation/tablature in downloadable PDFs. Our intent is for you to take your Course for as long as you’d like, progressing every month, so there is no minimum or maximum enrollment time. 

With your subscription to a Peghead Nation Course, you get: 

  • High-quality lessons in streaming HD video
  • Access to all lessons currently in the Course (see each Course's landing page)
  • Monthly releases of new new lessons, songs, and/or performances (in select Courses)
  • Downloads of accurate notation and/or tablature of music examples and songs
  • Email access to Peghead Nation and your instructors for questions and support
  • Monthly or annual billing options
  • Additional Courses for just $10 per month
  • Access to over 60 Play-Along tracks with video, downloadable audio and chord charts.

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