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Choosing the Right Course

There are a few ways for you to get a good idea about the level of a given course, the instructor's style, and what you can expect for future lessons.

  • Go to the String School Landing Page and click on any of the course titles and you'll land on the main page for each course. At the top of those main pages, you'll find a Course Overview video which includes clips from a few lessons in the course and some of the instructor's thoughts about what he or she has planned for future lessons and the overall arc of the course.
  • You'll also find descriptions of each of the lessons on the main course pages, which add more detail about techniques and songs taught in each course.
  • You can also take free Sample Lessons for every course on Peghead Nation. These are full-length lessons so that you can get a sense of who our great instructors are, their teaching style, and an idea about how the material is presented and paced.
  • Having the right teacher can make all the difference in your learning experience, and we're happy to have this talented bunch of players and instructors on Peghead Nation You can learn more about all of our instructors by checking out their Peghead Nation Instructor pages. You'll find bios, videos, links to their websites, and even a blog that will include thoughts from them about the courses they're teaching.

Don't worry, if you happen to get into a course that you find isn't quite right for you, it's easy to change courses whenever you'd like. Read about how to do that here

And you can always drop us a note at [email protected] and we'll help you narrow down your choices!

Browse all of our courses here.

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