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How Long Does a Course Last?

As you know, many music students take lessons with their favorite instructors for years. At Peghead Nation, you can do that with some of the most in-demand teachers in the roots-music world, from wherever you are in the world.

Our Courses have no timeline based on an arbitrary idea of a “typical” student, because we know everyone learns at a different pace and our Courses allow you to go as fast or as slow as you’d like.

There is no minimum time commitment required once you subscribe to a course on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time and your access will be turned off the day before your next auto-renew date is scheduled. 

You can also take lessons in your course for as long as you'd like. Many of our courses are updated with new lessons, tunes, exercises, and play-along tracks each month, so as you progress in the course, you continue to get new material to work on. 

And when you want to move on to another course you can easily change courses with just a few clicks on Peghead Nation. 

If you decide that you want to study another style or another instrument in addition to your current course, you can add as many courses as you'd like at a significant discount. Once you've subscribed to one course, your subsequent courses are just $10 per month, each. 

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  • 22-Jun-2016