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How To Cancel a Course

We would love you continue your musical journey with us indefinitely, but we understand that you sometimes need to take a break. You can easily cancel your course when you're ready to do so. Here's how: 
  • Sign into the site and follow the “My Account” button under the red “Hi, NAME” button in the upper right. That will take you to your My Account page, at
  • Look for the red button that says “Change, Add, or Cancel Courses"  underneath the “My Courses” page and click that. You'll go to:
  • Click the red “Cancel Subscription” button next to your course.
  • The cancel date will default to the evening before your next payment date, so you'll have access for your current term. 
  • On the date that your course is cancelled, you'll receive a separate email from us confirming the cancellation. 
Let us know if you need help, and I do hope we'll see you on Peghead Nation!
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  • 19-Jun-2019